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The list below may be outdated (Last version: 09/07/2010 14:56).

[FR] LePoussinNoir

Server by LePoussinNoir

Online - 6 snipers move around!

Opened since: 09/07/2010 13:39
Current uptime: 1h16mn
Total uptime: 6d, 45mn

[FR] Emilou!


Opened on: 09/07/2010 12:50
Closed since: 09/07/2010 12:58
Total uptime: 7mn

[FR] MyServerName


Opened on: 09/07/2010 14:46
Closed since: 09/07/2010 14:50
Please, change the name of this server to get statistics

[FR] Serveur


Opened on: 09/07/2010 13:10
Closed since: 09/07/2010 13:49
Total uptime: 4h19mn

That's all folks (List version: 09/07/2010 14:56)

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